Sandra started playing guitar when she was 14 years old. Her inspiration came from her father, Vince Sego when she was a small child. Her dad also was a professional guitarist and had worked with many famous people in his life, including Bill Haley and The Comets, Frankie Avalon, Denise Clemente, Charlie Ventura, Bo Didley, Paul Anka, Mac Davis and Hall Of Fame songwriter, Jimmy Webb, so she grew up in the music business.

She started to teach herself how to play guitar originally through Beatle books, so she could accompany her voice, because she loved to sing, and her father also helped her as well. He used to take her to his gigs and ask her to sing. She later took up guitar in school and got a teacher from The Juliard School of Music whom helped her quite a bit.

When she got out of high school, she got an agent and got a job as a go-go dancer in nightclubs, she did not dance nude or topless. She danced to rock bands in cages and worked along side of Miss Vicki in the New Jersey, Philadelphia area. For ten years of her life she was an entertainer, from the Disco era to the mid eighties. She also sang and played guitar in night clubs, parties, etc... as well, for many years in NJ and Philly. She has been in a few bands, and played as a duo with her husband also.

After the go-go years, she started teaching Ballroom dance lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Studios for quite some time. She's taught dance lessons for Arthur Murray in Beverly Hills, CA, Rolling Hills, CA, Orlando, FL, Clearwater, FL, and where she first began teaching Ballroom Dancing, was in Sarasota FL in 1986 where she got most of her training. Sandra has also written over 100 songs. 

Vince Sego Studio

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